Easter in Sydney

Shopped till we dropped with my friend Momo!

Best breakkie everrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

 More shopping at Westfield!

My faveeeee shop in Sydney! They gave us Charlotte Olympia heels to try on and now I must have a pair! They elongate your legs like crazy!

Twirling around Circular Quay in my Serpent -more photos to come soon!!


We went to China Doll in Woolloomooloo for dinner and saw Zac Efron! It was apparently a covert operation and none of the paparazzi knew he was there. He was there with his crew and possibly his family. He has the bluest eyes EVER! Momo won’t let me take a photo with him she wanted me to be the “cool” fan…haha

Tried port for the first time ever thanks to Momo I now crave for it after dinner all the time but it has to be the “Grandfather” port!

Amazing fireworks at the apartment!

Dude at The Rocks singing his heart out….we bought his cd =)

And that’s a wrap!


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7 Responses to Easter in Sydney

  1. Teresa says:

    OMG. the black serpent is just beautiful!! Good choice, Elle!

    • MelElle says:

      Thank you so much Teresa! I needed the reassurance for sure as I already have so many black dresses. This is actually the most expensive dress I’ve ever purchased. How is your teal Serpent going? Send us a pic, I would love to see it on you! =)

  2. Hey Elle looks like Sydney was a blast for you too! My flight back was on the same day as yours, too bad I didn’t get to bump into you seeing I went to the exactly few places! Oh boy if I ‘bump’ into Zac Efron, I will be the calm fan too but probably ask for a picture.

    • MelElle says:

      Hey lovely! I know! Considering we bumped into each other at Bourke Street mall in a sea of people I’m surprised we didn’t see each other at the exact same shops in Sydney! How did your shopping go in Sydney? Let us know what you bought! I had to control my spending after purchasing the Serpent..actually, I think I need to control my spending habits in general!

  3. MAMEN says:

    que blogg mas estupendo te sigo desde ya!!!

  4. kanika2 says:

    That dress took my breath away.