Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100mm


I can’t believe I just saw these Christian Louboutin Pigalle in 100mm on Net-A-Porter! And to my surprise they have all the sizes available! This won’t last long I’m sure!! These heels are the perfect classic patent black heels. Pigalle is definitely my favourite style of Christian Louboutin by far! I love the ones I have in 120mm! I would love to have them  in the 100mm but I really shouldn’t!! Yet so tempting!!


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2 Responses to Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100mm

  1. zolicious says:

    hey, I saw it on nap too and I am so excited. My question to you: How comfortable are the Pigalle 120 mm? I am still not sure which one I want to take, 100 or 120 mm. If the 120 mm are comfortable, I would go for it.


    • MelElle says:

      Hi, I think they are relatively comfortable for the height they are and also the fact that they have no platforms. If you are looking for an everyday pair of heels then I would recommend 100mm but if you are planning to wear them here and there and not planning to walk around all day in them I would go with the 120mm. Also depends how comfortable you are walking in heels. I think they are definitely as comfortable as it can be for heels that are 120mm in height.
      Hope this helps! Let me know if you buy a pair!!!