Ask Us Anything Answered – Cable Knits!

Anonymous Asked: Hi, Just wondering if you guys have any suggestions as how to wear basic cable knit jumpers/sweaters for this season? Thanks!!

Hi! This is such a fun question to answer as we actually love sweaters in general! There are many ways you can wear a basic cable sweater. Personally, we prefer to wear it with pants such as jeans, jeggings or even tapered pants but it has to be a tight fit otherwise it might end up looking rather bulky. Also, don’t be afraid to wear colored pants or denim to brighten up the outfit – we are loving pastel colored pants with light coloured sweaters! Light coloured sweaters are great because you are able to see the pattern on the cable knit.

To accessorize your outfit, you can also wear a scarf, a belt or even a clutch with your cable knit sweater. If you want to tuck in your sweater to create a different look, make sure the sweater is not too thick. In terms of shoes, you can wear almost anything ranging  from sandals to booties to heels as shown in the pictures. Personally, we prefer booties and heels.

If you are feeling slightly more adventurous and the weather is slightly warmer you can also try wearing the sweater with a maxi skirt.

Hope this helps! =)

Mel and Elle


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  1. Merengue says:

    Loveeee cable knits! x