Ask Us Anything Answered – Prada Saffiano Lux Tote!

Anonymous asked: Hey guys! Any thoughts on the Prada saffiano lux tote? I’m planning on getting one but not too sure which colour or size to get! Please help! p.s. thank you for having such a fun and inspirational blog!! You guys are both amazing <;3

Hi! You are too kind! Thank-you so much for your lovely words! We are so glad you asked this question as we both love our Prada saffiano leather bags.

Durability / Maintenance
We personally think that the saffiano leather is one of the most durable leathers that you can find for a bag so you are definitely on the right track if you want something that is easy to maintain and that would last! It would be good if all that hard earned $$$ spent went into something of quality right? We also find the leather easy to keep clean if you decide to go with a lighter color. So far, we haven’t had any problems with color transfer from jeans or colored clothing.

Picking a color for the bag was THE HARDEST part! One minute we thought the teal looked amazing. Then the next minute it was the red. Soon thereafter the caramel! It was just a never ending process! We definitely recommend looking in your wardrobe to see which color would match your clothes the most. Surprisingly, we actually found blue (which is beautiful) a really hard color to match if you have colorful block clothing . If the majority of your wardrobe is a neutral color palette then you are probably safe with any color such as red or caramel which are both GORGEOUS!

To get maximum wear out of the bag, i.e. suitable for work as well as play, we would suggest the color Argilla as pictured below. This is a beautiful mushroom color which is a shade darker than grey and is perfect for work as it is not too bright. You can also match this with practically any color clothing you have in your wardrobe when you take it out for a spin on the weekends. As always, you can never go wrong with black either! It is a classic!

Teal / Red

This is another hard decision (yes,we know – such terrible first world problems we have!). We think it is best to choose the size of the bag based on your height and size and also your intended use. If you are petite like us and you want to use it mainly for play (of course you can bring it to work too) we would recommend getting the small size (which also comes with the shoulder straps). It is also obviously lighter in weight if you’re considering practicalities. However, if you want that powerful professional career woman look we would suggest the medium size which can fit A4 paper. We personally think it is more of a work bag once it hits the medium size and would reduce the range of wear of the bag during the weekend.


Medium / Large

Hope this helps and let us know what you end up deciding! =)

Mel and Elle

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72 Responses to Ask Us Anything Answered – Prada Saffiano Lux Tote!

  1. zolicious says:

    Really amazing bag. I love prada but first I want to have a chanel 2.55 and then something else.


  2. Jenny says:

    I ended up going with the caramel in the medium size. I’m fairly tall (170cm) so I thought the size would be fine. The hardest part was definitely the colour, originally I wanted argilla then I saw the caramel on your post and fell in love but when I went in stores I couldn’t decide between black or caramel (lol, decisions, decisions). The style and colour is gorgeous and you guys are right – the leather is amazing, it definitely does feel durable. Thank you so much for all your help <3

  3. RHL says:

    hello, is the small one BN1801?

    • MelElle says:

      Yes it is BN1801! :)

      • RHL says:

        Thank you. It looks great on you. I’m debating whether i should get BN 1801 or BV2274, and in grey or cammeo. I like cammeo more but i can get this bn1801 for 10% off :) . I think the grey one in this link is Pomice.
        I’m really petite and normally don’t carry lots of stuffs. I need your opinion please :)

        • MelElle says:

          Hi! Thank you – the Prada Saffiano Lux Tote is a great bag! Personally, I prefer the Pomice as I’m not a big fan of the Cammeo color but that is a pure personal preference. I feel the Cammeo color is a little too girly and a younger color. I believe the BN2274 is slightly bigger than the BN1801. If you are petite and won’t be carrying lots of stuff I would probably recommend the BN1801. I think it is more practical and also lighter if you are intending on carrying the bag on your shoulders as it comes with a shoulder strap. I manage to fit heaps into my BN1801 – wallet, keys, glasses, sunglasses, bottle of water and there is still room to fit more in! Also, to be honest – I probably won’t be able to tell much of a difference between the BN1801 and BV2274 unless I look at both of them side by side. I hope this helps you make your choice!!! =) Shoot me an email if you require more help as I completely understand what you are going through! =)

          • Nyla says:

            I’m struggling between the medium cameo and the large:-( please help! I’m 5″1, small girl but live bug bags, I also can’t see myself carrying this bag with the long strap but I’m not sure what to do

  4. NP says:

    thanks a bunch for this! have the saff Lux BN1844 in black and i abso adoreeeee it <3 … now getting another one so deciding which color- only ones available in canada are red, blue, argilla, pomice (light grey). was hoping for the cameo but its not available :( sucks. any thoughts on argilla vs. pomice….? ps- the pic above looks like the pomice and not argilla, like you've mentioned. think argilla is much darker?

    • MelElle says:

      Hello! No problems at all! It is a beautiful bag isn’t it? The argilla is more like a mushroom color and the pomice is a really pale grey. When placed side by side the Argilla is quite a bit darker than the pomice. However, if you look at the Argilla on its own – it’s actually not that dark. Between the argilla and pomice – I prefer the Argilla, the Pomice looks a little like an Argilla that has faded or lost its vibrance if that makes sense. If you like the cameo keep an eye out on saks or neimanmarcus – they usually do stock quite a few saffiano lux totes! =)

  5. NP says:

    thanks for your reply! unfortunately canada has one store in toronto and even though Holt Renfrew stocks Prada (similar to saks and NM in the US), they only stock black. Funny coz you’d think Canada would have a bigger market than that! ….. so its between the Argilla and pomice now. already have a black saff lux so dont want anything that looks similar in color (nothing dark).
    keep you posted :) will upload a pic soon! x

    • MelElle says:

      Hello! No worries at all! =) You won’t go wrong with either color – just think about which color will match your wardrobe more =) It’s funny how you have the tote in black because if I ever get a second lux tote I would definitely be getting the medium size in black…it is absolutely gorgeous!! Let me know how you go and pls send us a pic! =)))

  6. NP says:

    just ordered the Cameo!!!!! :) cant wait to have it on my arm.. will post a pic asap!!! <3 #PradaLove

  7. NP says:

    heyyy! how do i upload a pic here? just got the BN1844 cameo! :) some comments:

    1. Color– the cameo is infact much darker than the website shows.. its light pink in the day but darker at night.. almost light apricot kinda’… i really like this coz it goes with all color clothes. but i will say that the super light pink bag on the website is a little deceptive.
    2. Always better to get it from a Prada store– I had my bag shipped to me from the UK online store as it was the only one with the cameo, and because of the paper packaging and soft malleable saff leather, i need to flatten the bag into shape from the sides- seems a tad lumpy on one side because of the paper packaging that had been stuffed inside for days while it shipped.

    nevertheless LOVE this color and the bag- let me know how i can upload a pic! :)

    • MelElle says:

      Hi hi! Congrats on the purchase!! We can’t wait to see it! Send it over to us at and we can upload it! =)

      • Nyla says:

        I just received the cameo in medium ordered it from Toronto! Loooove it but not sure if I should exchange it for the larger. I love big bags but am only 5″1. Have 3 tying kids but will likely use the bag when I’m not with them. Need help please:-(

  8. VV says:

    Hi, I’m thinking about buying BN1801 but still deciding which colour I should go for between Argilla and Pomice. In Prada e-store website, there is also another grey called Clay Grey and I was wondering if it this the same colour as Argilla. Some websites say they are the same, some say it is Pomice and some say it is neither, so now I’m totally confused LOL Please help! Thank you in advance :)

    • MelElle says:

      Hi! :) Hmm.. I’m actually not quite sure myself what color Clay Grey is but according to the Purse Forum ( – the clay grey is Argilla. Personally, I prefer Argilla over Pomice as I think the the color of Argilla is richer. I have Argilla and personally I have never regretted it – it goes with almost anything in my wardrobe. I think Argilla is very very similar to a mushroom color whereas Pomice is a light grey. So it really depends on which color you like better but I would definitely recommend you see the bags in real life first before making your decision! Elle

      • VV says:

        Thanks MelElle! Argilla in your pics looks great! Would like to ask you one more thing. There is also another model which is quite similar to the BN1801 but with the a middle compartment and magnetic clip on top. Do you know if it comes in the same size as BN1801 and what its code is?

        • MelElle says:

          Hi! I’ve asked and searched around but unfortunately I couldn’t find the code or the sizes they have for the bag you mentioned =(. I will continue searching and if I find it I will reply to this comment thread. Soz couldn’t be of much help for this one.

          • VV says:

            That’s ok Elle you have been a great help already :) will definitely hunt down for the BN1801 in Argilla. Hope it is still available somewhere in the UK :) Thank you so much!

  9. NP says:

    i would go for the Argilla as well :) saw both Pomice and Argilla in the store recently, and Argilla looks richer. Pomice looks kinda’ washed out.

  10. NP says:

    i loveeee the cornflower blue too! such a great color. that just might be my next prada early next year.. luckily one can order from the website coz i havent seen it in any stores. the saff lux is just so classic. never once when the bag doesnt get stared at… infact, my mom thinks its “classier” than the hermes birkin!

  11. NP says:

    hey guys.. need quick opinion–

    • MelElle says:

      Hey! We love Bluette – it might not be the easiest color to match your clothing with but we love it! We would choose Bluette over Papaya. =)

  12. Jennifer says:

    Ijust bought a Bn2274 and it feel it is a little big for me. I also have a Lady dior 5 quilts. I am thinking to exchange to bn1801?? Do u know the weight of each bag ??? Can 1801 fit ipad???
    Thank you

  13. NP says:

    yupppp! somehow as much as i try to wrap my head around papaya, just not clicking. i loveeee the bluette but ts obviously harder to match w colors. that said, i feel like the same clothes that match w orange match w my cameo and other red-tone bags, so better to do something different like bluette. would you “contrast” blue with other colors? or keep it mainly for blue clothes aka jeans etc.?

    • MelElle says:

      Hiya!! Hmmm…I think I would definitely try contrasting it with other colors. It would go well with white, cream, black and grey. If you feel like being more experimental, perhaps try prints that has a touch of blue. I think that would be lovely too! =)

  14. Mimi says:

    hey there, im planning to get this prada bag in either Cameo or Clay Grey colour, after reading your blog helps me to decide Clay Grey, im 22 and is the grey look old on me though? But im still confusing between the size, there is the new size now which is smaller than the BN1801. this is the link

    im very pettie 1m58. and i dont carry lots of stuff with me as i intend to use the bag for going out and sometimes for work. could you give me an advice on the size please? thank you very much :)

    • MelElle says:

      Hi Mimi! I dont think the clay grey color would look too old on you. Personally, I prefer Argilla over clay grey but javing said that they are similar in color. For myself, I wouldnt get a size smaller than BN1801. I am also rather petite myself and i think the BN1801 is a good size. Any sizes smaller than that you wont be able to fit much in it! Hope this helps!
      Elle :)

  15. Fanny says:

    Hi there , what blue colour is better bluette or cobalt blue ? Im really confused.. Thanks

  16. NP says:

    bluette!!! :)
    think it looks richer.

  17. Kittiemui says:

    I just got the small saffiano double zip in black and I absolutely love it! It is my first designer bag and I can’t wait to show it off! I just want some help on the maintenance on this bag.. the care card says natural wax.. do you know what the options are?

  18. Alexa says:

    Awesome review! :)

    I recently purchased my own bag in September from the Prada Store in Venice. Along with the bag, they gave me a dust bag and the authenticity card (white card.) I have seen in other people’s reviews that they were given the style info card (the blue card) and the care card as well. I called up the Prada Store in Venice and asked why they didn’t give me the other 2 cards. I tried to ask them to ship them to me but they said that it’s store policy to NEVER issue the blue card with the style info to customers. They said that they can only send me the care card. I was wondering which cards you received when you purchased your bag?


  19. tan says:

    Im going to buy a prada bag soon, I first had my heart set on the black colour – i think its so
    classic. But now that i have seen more pictures of the argilla liking this colour too! now this makes my decision abit harder. what colour is better black or argilla?

    Also what size do you think will better suit me? Im 23, very tall and skinny, i was thinking the small size because i like that it comes with a strap… but the medium is only $60 more and does look good abit bigger too!
    whats your opinion? thanks for the advice :)

    • MelElle says:

      Personally i prefer the smaller size with a shoulder strap. However, if you are going to use the bag for work then the medium is suitable. I love both the black and argilla! You wont go wron with either color! :)

  20. Erin Liu says:

    Does the medium size come with the shoulder straps. Been on the prada site the whole day and still can’t figure it out. I want a medium size one with shoulder straps.

  21. jessie says:

    This prada bags is kind of like a classic. I love your review, but I will still rather spend the money on Chanel.

  22. VV says:

    Hi guys. I still have no luck finding the BN1801 in argilla. Apparently it’s not available in the UK anymore. Is there anyone know where the bag is still available? Thx.

  23. She says:

    Im stuck between red or teal in medium size? Or maybe black.. Help!!!

  24. Esther says:

    Hi, I ve been trying to order a BN1801 but its out of stovk in Europe. Should I go for BN2274? I am only around 5 feet

  25. Rose says:

    What’s the number &colour of the bag in last pic?

  26. Amy_Y says:

    I am planning to get mine tomorrow (yippeee!!) but still cant decide btwn the Military Green or the Pomice. I’d like the large (40cm) size, but they only have the 2 colours above in the 37cm….. Choices, choices…. Help!

  27. anh says:

    Thank you for your post. This is a very helpful entry

  28. nora says:

    hey ladies…. I need help….I can’t decide between the black or argile I’m in love with both….I was initially going for a black bag as I don’t really have a good black purse but then I saw the clay grey aka argile and I got confused. Any advice??

  29. Nessa Phoeng says:

    Dear Mel & Elle,

    I just bought a Prada BN1801 in Cameo, and totally in love with it. I am positive with the color I chose but still debating whether I should exchange it with BN2274. I am Asian and have a petite figure just like any other Asian girls that are not that tall (I am about 5′-2″ or 158cm), and (116lbs or 53kg). The concerns I have is that I am really interested in using the shoulder strap but I feel the bag is a little too small if I want to wear it on hands (without the strap). At the same time, BN2274 is a little too big if I want to wear it with the straps. I am in a serious dilemma and hope you are the one that can help me. Last concern I may have is, would the BN1801 is too small for working? I mean, I dont have that much stuffs to put but the more space I have the more stuffs I can fit in. I just feel like the BN1801 is a little too playful and girly to wear for work, yes or no?

    Thank youuu:)

    • MelElle says:

      Hi! I have the BN1801 and I wear it as a tote on my hand all the time and I don’t feel it’s too small. Also, I carry my bag to work as well and I don’t think it’s too small either unless you often have to carry A4 paper or folders. I think with your height and size stick to the BN1801. That is just my opinion but you need to be comfortable with the the bag you decide on. Good luck! Hope this helps! =) Elle xx

  30. Liangheng says:

    What is the difference between bn2316 and bn1801

  31. Liangheng says:

    What is the difference between bn1801 and bn2704?

  32. Liangheng says:

    sorry is bn2274

  33. Bianca says:

    2704 is bigger than 1801. 2704 size (L33H23.5W14.5cm) vs 1801(L30H20W13cm).

  34. Bianca says:

    sorry not 2704 should be BN 2274 is big than 1801.

  35. Katariina says:

    Hi! Thanks for the post! I just bought red prada 1844 and it really is amazing! I only have one problem.. I do not know how to care of bag :/ do i need some leather conditioner or something else or do i need anything at all? Thank you if you answer! :D

  36. Juj says:

    Hey! I was just wondering what size the Argilla bag is in the picture above?

  37. Kitty says:

    Hi! May i ask if you guys know any online store that really sell a authentic prada bn1801?

  38. Elizabeth says:

    I am trying to decide between the bn1801 and the bn2274 – and then today I discovered online a bn2316 – how is this bag different to the other two? Thanks!!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Ps Love this entry!! The photos are so helpful and the considerations.Thanks <3 I think I will go with black, but am going to try argilla. I am quite tall (180cm) but I really like the petite one, as I am very slender.

  40. Sukkie says:

    Hi!!! Just bougt BN1801 cameo colour. But just heard from my Spore friend that light colour leather bag easier get stain even from jeans or black pants, which happen to her friend. Is it true? What the best way to prevent the clothes colour stain? Any protection spray needed? Tq

  41. Dandan says:

    I seriously need help! I recently bought the Prada bn2274 in black but I am having second thoughts about the color! I don’t know if I should go back and exchange for the cameo color! Is such an amazing color that I have never fell so in love with. However Black is just so classic and it goes with everything! I love thr black one a lot too! What should I do!!!

  42. Heidi Hollie says:

    I have just purchased a promice large saffiano from a. Friend of a friend. I have my reservations the lining is a little green in the light is this correct?
    Great size though

  43. Britt says:

    I have a Saffiano in Pomice I would describe the lining as beige/grey not green, is it still under warranty ? you could take it into the Store ? I have lost the care instructions for my bag and have got some stains on the leather does anyone know what I should use to clean this?

  44. ruka says:

    i was wondering does prada saffiano come in cherry pink

    • MelElle says:

      Hi! I walked past a Prada store yesterday and they seem to have launched some new colors. Im not sure if they have an exact cherry pink shade but there was a reddish color but is not bright red..hope this helps!

  45. Lin Lin says:

    I hv just gotten myself a small size in tamaris color (pink). But im thinking whether to change it to cameo. In dilemma between tamaris vs cameo.

    For cameo, it suits for most colors of dresses and clothes…casual & work too

    Tamaris looks younger but if carrying to work, is it too outstanding and catch attention? Do u think it is suitable for work?

    What do u think? Thanks!!

  46. Reese says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing a small size top handle BL0838. I am deliberating between the pomice and cameo. I do have several pink handbags (none Prada) so the pomice would be a nice change. However, I love the cameo too. I wear mostly dresses and skirts/blouses. I have a lot of black, grey, pink/blush, and black & white print dresses and jackets in my collection. I think grey is cool and would be different, but I do have a girly/feminine style. Which would you get? Thanks so much!!