Outfit Post – Petals, petals, petals…


When I saw this Style Nanda ”dress” on the model on the website I definitely did not question whether it was a dress or top. Usually the models are at least 170cm tall on these online stores so whilst the “dress” is suppose to be a mini dress, I automatically assumed it would be a bit longer on me only because I am only 162cm. To my surprise (shock) when I received and tried on the “dress”, it was definitely more like a top. It is long at the back but it is just too short at the front to be a dress. Because I love the top too much to return it, I decided to wear white shorts underneath to give the illusion of a longer hem at the front because the colour blends in with the top. Of course I think a white dress slip would work as well.

This dress reminds me of the Alannah Hill petal top (see photo below) which I own and absolutely love. Except the Alannah Hill top is made from 100% silk so the petals are extremely delicate and tend to fray around the edges. When I am wearing it I have to be very careful whereas with the Style Nanda top it is made from more tougher material and will definitely be easier to look after which I am glad!


My Outfit:

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2 Responses to Outfit Post – Petals, petals, petals…

  1. PrincessPAM says:

    Im in love with the last outfit!!!! Can u tell us which brand are the throusers??

    • MelElle says:

      Thanks!! The trousers are from Topshop. I bought them a while ago but I think they are selling similar styles on their website at the moment. Mel