Outfit Post – Wang bag with blue chambray

I rarely wear flats but since this is a more casual outfit I decided to pair my ballerinas with leather pants. How absolutely gorgeous is this Alexander Wang Diego bag with rose gold ware!? It adds a bit of cool to any outfit.


My Outfit:

  • Topshop blue chambray shirt
  • Kirrily Johnston leather pants
  • White Suede coat
  • Alexander Wang Diego bag 
  • Balenciaga Flats
  • Chanel Sunnies


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8 Responses to Outfit Post – Wang bag with blue chambray

  1. jhluu says:

    Oh your white suede coat is so lovely! Is that still available instores at the moment?

    • MelElle says:

      Hi hi!! Thank you for your kind comment :) I actually bought this white suede coat about 2 years ago and I dont think they have it in store at the moment. Having said that, I know they do bring out similar leather jackets every year so they might bring out similar coats so keep an eye out :)

  2. Alexandra says:

    The rose gold accents are just perfect!!! Great outfit :)

  3. PrincessPAM says:

    Im deeeeeply in love with those flats!!!!! That color!!!! I thought this model of balenciaga flats were out of commerce..

    • MelElle says:

      Hellooo! :) When i was looking for these ballerinas in Italy last year – I was told that they were last season stock and the whole of Italy don’t have them anymore. But I was lucky enough to find them in the Balenciaga store in Paris – last pair!! :) keep an eye out they might make them again!!

  4. Brian says:

    After first seeing this post I could help but wanting to create this look with the denim shirt, leather legging and blue flats. I just bought the flats yesterday that will complete the look. I have taken a picture of the outfit together but these are my new flats http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/8638300725/

    Thanks for sharing