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 I absolutely love my Alexander Wang Marion bag. I have been looking for a causal shoulder bag for Spring/Summer and this bag is it! The Marion in eggshell has inspired this all white outfit. The eggshell colour of the bag is more of a ivory white rather than a stark white. The contrast can be seen from my outfit where the Zara jumper I am wearing is a stark white and the printed trousers and bag are both ivory whites. I think the different shades of white creates a more interesting outfit; while not completely matching but still coordinated.


My Outfit:

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8 Responses to Outfit Post – Winter White with Alexander Wang Marion

  1. alison*elle says:

    I love how the white shades are all different. LOVE the bag too but I would so get that dirty somehow.

    xo, alison*elle

    • MelElle says:

      Thanks alison*elle! I am in love with this bag! It’s the perfect sized shoulder bag. Usually I would never buy a light coloured bag but this bag was such a bargain buy so I couldn’t pass it up! I am extremely worried about getting this bag dirty and will be looking after it like crazy! I am definitely not going to wear jeans with this bag because I’m worried about the colour transfer. You might be right though, even if I look after it I will probably somehow get it dirty! oh dear!
      Mel xx

  2. Annie says:

    Love this all white ensemble Mel. The different shades and textures of white – stunning.
    xxx. A

    • MelElle says:

      Thanks Annie! I wear a lot of dark colours in Winter so wanted to change it up. I think I am just eagerly waiting for Winter to be over and this outfit reflects me eagerness to transition into Spring/Summer! Mel xx

  3. Sparksinspring says:

    Very chic look Mel! I was just wearing an all black outfit today with a dark brown belt to break the large area of solid color. Love the different textures, especially the trousers!

    • MelElle says:

      Thanks Estee! With the same coloured pieces in an outfit I think it’s important to have different textures/prints to separate the pieces. I like how you wore your black outfit and used a brown belt to break up the solid colours. That’s a great idea! Mel xx

  4. beth says:

    Beautiful! What did you do to alter the sandals?