I’m Back!!

 Honeymoon Snapshot!
3 months, 2 continents, 7 countries and 12 hotels later I’m finally back in Melbourne! During this time I saw some of the most heart wrenchingly beautiful faces of the earth and was fortunate enough to share this experience with my love, friends and even a few relatives along the way.

I will be sharing with you guys where I visited, stayed, ate and shopped in the next few posts. Meanwhile, here is a quick snapshot of our time in Europe!

1. London
We spent a lot of our time in London and it almost felt like we were living as Londoners. We have friends and relatives who are staying in London and we felt just at home. I shopped a little too much in London though. Harrod’s 10% off everything sale sent me broke!

London 2

Wearing: Willow Curved Ponti Jacket (similar here and here), Alexander McQueen Scarf (similar here and here), Uniqlo Tee (similar here and here), Zara Shorts (similar here and here), Balenciaga Bag (similar here and here), Rayban SunniesRag and Bone Durham booties (I wore this pair of booties and my Isabel Marant sneakers the most through out my whole trip)

2. Paris
People say Paris is the most romantic city in the world and I think I would have to agree. I don’t know if it is the architecture or just something in the air but Paris will always have a place in my heart.

ParisD 1aWearing: Maje Striped Tee (similar here and here), Michael Kors WatchReiss Pippy Print Top (on sale!), Reiss Char Skirt (on sale! also here and similar here and here), Proenza PS11 bag (classic size here, similar here and here), Rayban Sunnies.

3. Switzerland
We went on 2 train rides and visited Geneva, Zurich and St Moritz in Switzerland. We took the Benina Express to a small Italian town called Tirano from St Mortiz and this train ride was incredible. The journey takes about an hour and during that hour you see glaciers, valleys, lakes, snow capped alps clouds drifting mid air – almost as if we were aboard a train to Hogwarts!

London 7

Swiss 1

Wearing: Camila and Marc Jumper (similar here and here), Maje Striped Tee  (similar here and here)Alexander McQueen Scarf (similar here and here) , Maje black skinny jeans (similar here and here), Burberry Duffle Coat (similar here and here), Isabel Marant Sneakers (also here and similar here and here), Balenciaga bagRayban Sunnies.

 4. Milan
We had some of the best Italian food in Milan. Honestly speaking however, during my first trip to Europe I went into so many Duomos that I think I slightly overdosed on them. Ever since then, I only make time for 1 Duomo per trip. So far, the 2 most amazing churches I have seen are the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Duomo in Milan. The rooftop of the Duomo is spectacular. We were cheapskates and climbed the stairs to the roof, not wanting to pay for the lifts. It actually wasn’t too bad!

Milan 1a Wearing:  Maje Dress  (similar here and here)Michael Kors Watch, Celine Trio Bag used as clutch (similar here and here).

5. Tuscany
Tuscany to my eyes has to be one the most beautiful countrysides that I have ever seen – and that’s not even the vino talking! The famous rolling hills are just so romantic and the Italian people have to be some of the friendliest around. We took a Tuscan cooking class from the lovely Katya with some of our Londoner friends and spent the most amazing day making fresh pasta, Tuscan salads and other dishes. We actually met a couple that stay 6 months in Tuscany every year – one can only dream!

tuscany 3atuscany jon

Wearing: Willow Curved Ponti Jacket (similar here and here)Maje Striped Tee  (similar here and here), Zara Shorts (similar here and here), Rag and Bone Durham bootiesBurberry Duffle Coat (similar here and here), Balenciaga bag. Celine Sunnies.

6. Santorini
Picking the highlight of this trip was incredibly difficult, but there was something about Santorini that was just so mesmerising that it took the cake. In fact, I daresay Santorini is now my new favourite holiday destination. The weather is perfect, the Caldera views are gorgeous, the food is homely and delicious, and funnily enough there are tonnes of honeymoon and wedding couples taking wedding photos so bloggers fit right in!!

Santorini 1a

Wearing: Reiss Pippy Print Top (on sale!), Zara Skort (similar here and here), Michael Kors Watch, Mulberry Suede Leather Bracelet (similar here and here), Rag and Bone Grey Cotton Sweater (similar here and here), Rayban Sunnies.


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  1. Sweet says:

    Gorgeous photos! What a honeymoon!

  2. Jenny says:

    Beautiful photos!